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The scale of competitions which are sponsored by the European Regional Cooperation Programmes is pretty wide. Besides the cross-border traffic development plans and the newscast development, there are also other competition opportunities like conservationist and business cooperation subservient projects. The common researches, the cooperation of sectors which are concerned by R&D activity, the brush up of education, labor market and medical or danger prevention establishments are also sponsorable. 

The alternate cooperation is creating an opportunity to the synergistic enterprises and research institutions to contribute with their different activities, services with each other, and also accede with different state, autonomous and governing constitutions, authorities and other related organizations with the financial assistance of the European Union.

The main priorities of the Regional Cooperation programmes
The abatement of some isolated regions
Environmental sustainability and safety
Subservience of synergy and cooperation in the economy
The prevention of cultural legacy with the exhibition of cultural values, traditions and with truism development
Subservience of cultural, educational and research cooperation


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